Nithra Institute of Sleep Medicine offers Tele-Medicine & Telephone Consultations

The use of medical information exchanged from one site to another using electronic communications for the health and education of patients or providers has helped to increase the reach of healthcare and to improve patient care. One of the most impressive applications of blending healthcare and technology would be the tele-consultations with two-way video. This offers live, interactive specialist consultation to patients in distant locations.

You may now schedule an appointment at Nithra Institute of Sleep Medicine for specialist consultations in sleep medicine and for diet counseling using tele-medicine technology.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I have a sleep problem and require a consultation with Sleep Medicine
  • Please take the self test. If you answered yes to any one of the questions, you may benefit from a consultation with our specialist
  • In addition, if you have been told that you snore, walk, scream, eat or talk frequently during sleep, you may have a problem that needs attention.
How can I schedule a teleconsultation?
  • You may seek an appointment by completing the requisition form (Registration form to be hyperlinked) or sending an email to admin@nithra.com or mary@nithra.com
  • You may also call us at +91 44 4350 2252 (10 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday) to schedule e-consultations
  • Please note that your appointment is confirmed ONLY after you receive a confirmatory email with specified date and time from our office
Can I schedule my first appointment through teleconsultation?
  • Yes, we provide appointments for new patients through two way video. We do not provide initial consultations by telephone. However, follow up consultations may be scheduled as telephone consultations if you don’t have the facility for two way video.
  • If you are a new patient, you should complete the questionnaire and send it to us prior to the appointment
  • If after initial consultation, you are required to have further tests, you will be advised if some or all of these could be done in your location. You may need to come to Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences if specialized sleep tests are not available in your location
How do I make payments for the consultation?
  • Payment details for consultation will be mentioned when you receive confirmation of appointment
  • We accept only direct payment by NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer System).
  • You would require the following information to initiate a direct fund transfer
    1. Name of Beneficiary : UTOPIAN HEALTHCARE PVT LTD.,
    2. Address: Door # 29 (Plot # 1997), J Block, 13th Main road,, Annanagar, Chennai 600 040, India.
    3. Bank & Branch: Indian Overseas Bank, 177 Luz Church Road, Chennai 600 004
    4. Account Number: 006002000004578
    5. IFSC Code of the Branch: IOBA0000060
How should I prepare myself for a video teleconsultation
  • Exactly how you would prepare yourself when you meet a doctor. Please ensure that you have all your recent tests readily available to be reviewed by the doctor.
  • It may be preferable for you to scan and send specific reports if relevant prior to the consultation. Our specialist may request you to send us specific reports after the consultation.